What Can’t You Take In Hand Luggage?

What Can't You Take In Hand Luggage

The purpose of this short guide is to help you understand what can’t you take in hand luggage. We have done some research to check various requirements and what you are supposed to take and avoid taking in your hand luggage when travelling within the country or abroad.

All UK airports have strict protection protocols in existence, but there are certain things you can do to help the trip through security go more smoothly. We’ve put together a complete list of what you can & can’t bring through security and information on specific things like baby formula, medications, and electrical devices.

What Can’t You Take In Hand Luggage?

The General Recommendation

Our suggestions have been divided into various parts.

  1. Hand baggage rules provides basic information about how to fly with hand luggage via security.
  2. Holding baggage assistance: telling you what should go in the bags you check in with the plane’s hold and what should go in your carry-on luggage.
  3. Prohibited Items: Objects that are not permitted in either the hand or hold luggage is included in the prohibited items section.
  4. Guidance for individual objects defines the most popular items taken into security, such as a newborn.
  5. Medication

Hand Baggage:

The bags you take into security and hold with you after the duration of your trip are referred to as hand luggage. Our general recommendation is to travel with as little hand luggage as possible. We also recommend arriving early at the airport or giving yourself plenty of space for security screening. The below are the guidelines for carrying hand luggage:

You’re only given one piece of hand luggage (with certain exceptions), and it can’t be more significant than 56cm x 45cm x 25cm. Most airlines authorize passengers to bring a handbag as well, so please double-check with your airline. Liquids, gels, creams, and pastes are only allowed in limited quantities. These must be in 100mL and smaller containers and stored in a single translucent, re-sealable, sealed bag (total mass: 20cm x 20cm) that will be checked appropriately at security.

Holding Baggage Assistance:

The expression “hold baggage” refers to the bags you check in and place in the plane’s cargo hold. We recommend that you pack as many as possible into your carry-on luggage. You’ll have less luggage to bring to the airport, and screening would be much smoother and faster. There are a few things that you are permitted to bring on board in your hold luggage but not in your carry-on luggage. The following items are permitted in your hold luggage and not in your hand luggage:

  • Liquids, creams, gels, and pastes in containers larger than 100 mL are prohibited.
  • Objects with sharp edges, such as scissors
  • Blades with razors 
  • Knives of some length of the blade
  • Needles for hypodermic injections 
  • Instruments (including multi-tools)
  • Catapults are devices that are used to launch items.

Prohibited Items:

Some products are prohibited from being carried on board from either the hand luggage or your checked luggage. It’s not a comprehensive list; if you’ve any questions, you can contact your airline:

  • Liquids and solids prone to catching fire.
  • Bleaching powders, for example, are oxidizers.
  • Peroxides of organic origin
  • Gas bottles or tear gas systems are prohibited.
  • Live virus products, for example, are infectious objects.
  • Auto batteries with wet-cell technology
  • Magnetons are a kind of electronic device that works.
  • Magnet-containing instruments
  • There will be fireworks.
  • Toy/replica weapons are firearms that are made to look like real firearms (metal or plastic)
  • Matches that aren’t intended to be healthy.
  • Arsenic, cyanide, or weedkillers are all examples of poisons.
  • Acids, corrosives, alkalis, or caustic soda are all examples of radioactive materials.

Guidance For Specific Items:

In air travel, security is highly critical, and one of our most important duties is to ensure that passengers only carry suitable things on board. Specific statistics on various products can be found below to assist you in determining how many to carry or where to carry them.

  • Milk for babies and related products
  • Liquids, cosmetics, and toiletries are some of the stuffs that may be used in a bathroom cabinet
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Things involving electricity.
  • Prescription drugs, psychiatric disorders, and medical devices
  • Equipment for photography
  • Objects that are sharp and banned
  • Materials for vaping

Medication Department:

In this segment, you’ll find information on travelling with medications and medical supplies, as well as tips on travelling with such a medical condition.

Having drugs on hand: Medicines over 100mL that are accompanied by a doctor’s notice or prescription are permitted by protection. There are no restrictions on powder or tablets. Both drugs must be stored in a clear, re-sealable bag and undergo extra security screening.

EpiPense, Insulin, And Insulin Pumps: Insulin, insulin injections, EpiPense, hypodermic needles, and other medications and children’s drugs may be accompanied by a medical certification letter. Please verify with your airline if you have any special needs before flying but be assured that if you have a legitimate medical problem (supported by only a letter from your doctor or hospital), bringing those things on board is no issue.

You can transport medications that must be kept frozen in a cool bag with one ice pack, as long because your doctor’s letter specifies that the prescription must be kept cold. Remember, the Boots throughout the departure lounge sells non-prescription drugs for both children and adults.

Medical assistance is available: We use several protection systems that have been determined to be fully secure for people who have surgical implants through government health authorities. Please contact a member of our security team if you have any questions or complaints.


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