What Can You Take In Hand Luggage?

What Can You Take In Hand Luggage

In this post, I will be explaining what can you take in hand luggage?

Over the past years, deciding what to carry in hand luggage has always been the top question when planning a trip. Regulations implemented in the effects of September 11 attacks, the implementation of extra fees for checked bags by low-cost carriers, the adoption of ‘hand baggage only’ rates by full-service airlines, and, most recently, Ryanair’s difference of prices for various types of hand luggage have all led to our developing understanding of what it means to travel with hand luggage.

Numerous other regulations have been added, modified, revised, and eliminated after the liquid ban and associated liquid volume restrictions.

It’s challenging to stay current with what you can and cannot bring on board, and whether you want to save money on your ticket, save time getting to your destination, or want to fly light, do you know what you can and cannot bring onboard?

We provide the definitive reference to the current state of the rules

What Can You Take In Hand Luggage?

Powders and Liquids

Most people are now aware of liquid limitations, and the sight of transparent plastic bags containing miniature cosmetics in trays at security is expected. One factor that sometimes surprises people is that the jar containing the liquid must have a total capacity of less than 100ml; you cannot hold a larger container and only partly fill it.

The UK has not yet imposed a ban on powders, although there has been some speculation in the media about when this will happen. Following a foiled terrorist attempt on an Etihad flight in Sydney in 2016, the US and Australia implemented a new law requiring powders to be purchased on board in quantities less than 12 ounces. This prohibition also affects passengers who carry aboard cosmetics, coffees, protein powders, and spices.


In an era where most short-haul flights need you to purchase your food, bringing your own can seem to be a cost-effective choice. Not to mention that particular consumers want specific information about their food ingredients due to allergies, food intolerances, or health concerns.

However, will you take whatever you want?

Not exactly. You can only consume ‘hard’ foods. Anything liquid or semi-liquid is prohibited from being on board. The things that always catch people by surprise are those they bring back from their destination… local honey, jelly, or olives. Although soft cheese is not permitted, hard cheese is. Although seeds and nuts are generally acceptable, the airline may require you to check in products, including nuts, if they have been told of a passenger with a severe allergy. Hawaii, Australia, and New Zealand are also highly conservative and can levy substantial fines if they discover anything prohibited in your pack (this applies to check luggage as well as hand luggage).

Baby food, milk, or sterilized water, as well as a cool pack if necessary, can be brought on board if the baby is traveling with you. Expressed breastmilk may be transported in hand luggage if it is not frozen, in which case it must be placed in a checked bag.

However, if you wish to bring a delightful pot of brined olives from Spain or a set of homemade jams on the flight, you must check in a suitcase. Regrettably, soft cheese is often prohibited on flights, whereas hard cheese is normally allowed. Carrying any solid or dry food product (fruit, nuts, seeds) onboard usually is allowed, provided no other passenger has serious allergies.

What Can You Take In Hand Luggage

Electrical Appliances

When traveling outside the UK, laptops, hair straighteners, and travel razors are allowed in the cabin. Most airlines require that your electrical device has a sufficient battery to last the length of the flight. Add this to the pre-flight checklist: charge all electronic equipment you want to carry.

If you are going to Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt, or Saudi Arabia, you should be mindful that the regulations vary according to the boarding airport. In that case, you cannot have electrical equipment significant in your hand luggage. If you bring a small electrical device, it must be ultimately charged and ready to operate upon request.

Another critical point to keep in mind is that this limitation extends to electronic products such as hard discs, compact batteries, and keyboards, regardless of whether they are purchased duty-free. And if you are connecting to another airline, you must adhere to these guidelines on your outbound flight from the UK. This ensures that if you begin your journey in the UK, where these restrictions do not apply but travel via either of the mentioned countries, the rules must be followed.


Tablets and liquid medications are generally permitted aboard, provided they do not meet the 100ml limit. If you need a greater quantity in your hand luggage, you must contact the airline in advance to obtain permission. Although cool bags, hypodermic syringes, and inhalers are allowed, scalpels and oxygen must be tested with the individual airline.

Additionally, Ryanair accepts various respiratory devices (masks, respirators, ventilators, and constant positive airway pressure, or CPAP) if they meet cabin luggage measurements.

Sporting Goods

Generally, the conclusion is no for most sporting goods. The only thing exempted. A parachute for athletics. Other products, such as rackets, golf clubs, fishing rods, and scuba diving equipment, must be checked into the hold. If you have a match or race overseas or must travel to get there, please be careful. 

As a rule, you would almost definitely be required to suspend your equipment. This is true for most sporting goods, such as tennis rackets, walking sticks, and crampons. Both things are not permitted to be brought into the cabin with you. The only difference is that a sports parachute can be brought aboard.


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