Can You Take Aerosols In Hand Luggage?

an You Take Aerosols In Hand Luggage

In this post, I will be answering your quesiton of can you take aerosols in hand luggage? so read on..

Are you wondering if you should carry aerosols or deodorants on a plane? To some extent, indeed. It’s quick to get perplexed by the many regulations governing what you can and cannot pack in your carry-on and checked luggage. As such, we are here to assist you in determining if you should bring aerosols on a plane.

Can You Take Aerosols In Hand Luggage?

You can use aerosol, lipstick, or sunscreen, and other items. Additionally, since an aerosol can contain liquid, it must adhere to the TSA’s liquids regulations while flying with aerosols. As a note, the TSA liquids provision requires that all liquids in carry-on luggage be contained in containers no larger than 3.4 ounces (100ml). The use of an enormous container that is almost empty is also prohibited.

Furthermore, all liquid containers must fit inside a single transparent quart-sized (approximately liter-sized) zip-top case. Per passenger can bring one liquids bag in their carry-on luggage.

Some aerosolized products include spray cheese and whipped cream. If you’re determined to fly with these, you’ll need to find a can that weighs no more than 3.4 ounces.

More information on bringing food on a plane can be found here. Thus, the TSA allows aerosols in carry-on baggage in general, but the containers must be 3.4 ounces (100ml) or less and fit into your liquids pack. Continue reading, though, although there are several variations.

Aerosols containing flammable liquids or gels are not permitted in checked or carry-on baggage. Additionally, the TSA states that dry shampoo in aerosol cans is included in carry-on baggage, but only if the bottle is 3.4 ounces or less.   Therefore, if you like flying with dry shampoo, ensure that the can is compact enough to fit in carry-on luggage.

Are Aerosols Included In Checked Baggage?

Aerosols are now easier to carry in checked luggage, but certain limitations still apply. If your preferred product is not available in a travel size, you may want to start checking aerosols. Additionally, you’ll be relieved to hear that aerosols are included in checked luggage. However, it is not just so straightforward.

If you’re flying with a huge quantity of aerosol items, you should be aware of the restrictions on aerosols in carry-on baggage.  Therefore, if you always use aerosol-based materials, you might want to try considering alternatives. Look at these solid toiletries for travel.

Another critical aspect of carrying aerosols in checked bags is the way they are packaged. Ascertain that the aerosol can do have a seal that cannot be mistakenly sprayed. Additionally, it’s a brilliant idea to pack the can inside a container in case it spills. You certainly don’t want deodorant or hair spray sprayed all over your clothing.

Can You Take Aerosols In Hand Luggage

Aerosol Airplane TSA Regulations

Flammable aerosols are not allowed in checked or carry-on luggage on flights. Medicinal or toiletry aerosols are an exception to the law. This ensures that once the aerosol product is applied to your body or clothing, it is impossible that you will be able to pack it in your luggage.

Aerosols are handled similarly to liquids on flights, and the laws about liquids in hand luggage that you might be familiar with often refer to aerosols.


You can pack tiny 3.4 oz aerosols in your hand luggage if you place them in the same bag as the other liquids in your hand luggage. However, you are only permitted to bring toiletries or herbal sprays. Bear in mind that it is not gas that comes out of the can, but the pressurized liquid inside!

You are only permitted one bag for toiletries, which will quickly fill up. Try to carry as few aerosol canisters as possible.

Sometimes, solid alternatives to aerosols are available. For instance, you can use a solid stick deodorant rather than a spray. Alternatively, you can use pest repellent in the form of a sturdy stick. This may not need to be included in your liquids pack, which saves room Additionally, filling your travel-size bottles simplifies the process of packing a toiletries package.

Mostly, 3.4 oz of a substance is insufficient for a brief ride. You can decant 1 ounce of a liquid (say, shaving gel) into an empty bottle, but not aerosol sprays.


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